About Us

Enigma-Gaming was officially started on the 9th of January 2014, however we have existed in different forms since 2012 as a Counter-Strike: Source community and then a private TeamSpeak server, which I used for different games/communities in the meantime until we decided to start a free TeamSpeak server.

Back in January 2014, I started off with a very small server and began to build up and work on our website. We started off with a pretty bad website which fitted what we were doing at the time. After a while, I decided that it was time that we improved the site as the current site was just not up to the standards that I wanted. The website was then made live once completed a few weeks after the initial plans came together. This website was since redone to it's current form along with a new logo and style.

Setting up private channels manually every few hours was getting tiresome and led people to give up waiting for me to create them so I decided it was time to find a way to automate things, which I coded and it worked well. In later versions I applied different security patches and additional features like automatic channel admin privilege keys. This allows you to create a channel without any interaction with staff.

Enigma-Gaming has gone through multiple staff changes due to different internal reasons and issues that have cropped up, but we now have a pretty solid team helping keep everything running. But we're always looking for more people interested in helping us grow more.

Enigma-Gaming Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

What games do you play?

The members in our community play every game, the most popular ones are likely CSGO, League of Legends & DOTA. But every other game you can think of someone in our community plays.

What is your vision for the server?

Our vision is essentially simple to use, tons of features and no trolls. No one likes their time wasted and would rather just get on with their game.

What has been your best and worst moments running the community?

The best moments have definitely been seeing the community grow to a large user-base and enjoying the features I've made to make their lives easier on our server. The worst will always be the abuse from certain parts of the TeamSpeak community in general, but the good out weighs the bad.

What makes your community unique?

Our features that we've custom made and commitment to keeping the server simple and straight forward. One of our biggest unique features is by far our points system which has taken a lot of time to make and is just a fun addition to what we do.

What happened to your CSGO Surf Server?

Unfortunately due to the increasing updates breaking everything back when it was going it became too time consuming to keep fixing each time there was an update.